Who is a Law Student

A law student is not only he who studies about the laws and regulations of a certain country or a state. He is the one who has to rule for justice in a society. This is why law is just a certain part of the study and that there are so many skills that they have to acquire.

A law is just a guide for them to exercise justice and expose what is right from wrong. He is the one who defends a victim and has to win him from a hearing. In studying the law, they have to learn the techniques of exposing all the crime and how they can prove that a so called victim is really a victim.

He comes to study also Philosophy. Philo means wisdom which they have to acquire while studying logic. Logic and law do not separate. This is why he needs to be so good in logic. Somehow, he has to be good in puzzles and he is suppose to be matured in doing all the right things in time.

They use their knowledge in law and human rights to defend a customer. Therefore, a lawyer has a duty to help a victim attain justice and be protected from evil people. Freedom of victims lie in the hand of lawyer. A lawyer is not the one who makes wrong right and makes right wrongWhat is the use of a long term study? This is his job. If this is what he should not do, then he has to stand trial before the court also.