The suggested list of do’s and don’ts of a student inside the classroom

The classroom is one source of many memories for those who became students. They had many stories that they could share whether about their classmates or about the teacher or the mistakes that they had done themselves. In this article let us see some guidelines provided for you not to do and things you can do when you are inside the classroom. Sometimes it may sound basic but they could be forgotten and not applied. That is why let us take a look at them.

One of the things that are recommended for you to do is to have readings. It is advisable that you will make an advance reading because it allows you to actively participate in the discussion and it will let you be able to ask questions during the discussion. Another recommendation is that you take handwritten notes that you can review yourself so that you will not have to borrow others note. It is also advisable that you borrow others note when you were absent. You can borrow two for comparison.

One of the things that are not recommended to do in the classroom is writing every word your professor says. You will be lost and will not understand something as you will just be busy to listen and write every word you are listening. To be able to focus on your class lecture do not use a laptop or a smartphone as it will distract you from listening to the discussion and getting the needed information.